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5 Ways To Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

Driver parking

As Americans continue to pick-up online orders or use curbside to-go options for shopping or dining out, parking lots are still bustling with drivers (and sometimes, distracted ones).

The good news is that your ERIE auto policy extends to parking lots. Just check in with your local ERIE agent to make sure your coverage limits provide you with optimal protection for the range of potential parking lot scenarios. Learn more in our related story on how insurance can cover parking lot accidents.

Here are key steps to take to ensure that a fender-bender (or worse) doesn’t end up being a costly headache.

How to Avoid a Parking Lot Accident

  1. Take it slow. Proceed with caution. Driving slow and using extra caution when turning or backing up are ways to stay safe.
  2. Correctly set your side mirrors. Move the side mirrors out or consider adding blind spot mirrors to your side mirrors.
  3. Embrace technology. Many cars now come equipped with a standard backup camera, and a lot of vehicles now come with motion detection, cross traffic alerts and parking assist systems. (Wondering what’s new these days? See what made our list of 12 high-tech car safety upgrades to consider.)
  4. Keep your distance. Avoid parking too close to other cars in the parking lot.
  5. Watch out for stray carts. Gusty winds can send shopping carts zooming…right into your car.

When it comes to parking lots, make sure you keep a watchful eye and are on the lookout for other drivers who are searching for their perfect parking spot.

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